Results from Youngstock show


We had an entry of 58 birds and 9 plates of eggs this year. Les Griffiths kindly agreed to judge and made Samantha Carr’s lovely buff Orpington pullet best in show. It was great to see some new faces and even people turning up just to have a look at the birds. Thank you to Caroline and Rachel for their sterling work with the refreshments and of course Jim and Allen for collecting, putting up, and then returning the pens. And to everyone who stayed behind to clear up after the show.


 Best in show
 S Carr
 Reserve best in show
 P Moreiro
 Hard feather male
 D Churchill
 Hard feather female & RBIS
 P Moreiro
 True bantam male
 R Seymour
 True bantam female
 F Lawrence
 Soft feather heavy self colour male
 R & V Rideout
 Soft feather heavy self colour female  S Carr
 Soft feather heavy marked male
 D Baker
 Soft feather heavy marked female
 D Baker
 Rare breed male
 J Freeman
 Rare breed female
 J Freeman
 Soft feather light male
 B & V Rideout
 Soft feather light female
 J Owen
 Bantam drake
 C Powell
 Bantam duck
 C Powell
 3 bantam eggs
 J Owen
 1 bantam egg
 J Owen
 Pair of pullets
 M Withey